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Celebrating 50 years of CTM!

Fifty years is a long time! A lot can happen in half a century. Something about the fifty-year mark brings freedom. When I turned 50, I realized that many of the things I worried about didn’t really matter, and I discovered the things that do matter were even more important than I had ever imagined.

Fifty brings reflection. Looking back 50 years, there are so many memories. Luckily, as time passes, the good things stand out. The trials seem to fade or become humorous. The new challenges take the place of old ones, and we accept and approach them like veterans. We can celebrate what we have endured.

Fifty also brings hope and excitement. We are established. We made it this far, and it’s significant! Now, we can concentrate on seasoning and refining. Knowing we have stood the test of time assures us we can continue to be a part of our community for many years to come.

Fifty is bittersweet. So many children have passed through our gates: parents, teachers, and Heads of School, too. CTM has touched thousands of lives. I know it has been a very positive experience for most. This will be the first year I will be here without any of my own children attending CTM. They came here with me - or rather, I came with them - 13 years ago. They are doing what children do: growing up and moving on. I’ll miss having them here, but I’m so excited for their new adventures to come.

Our job is to show the children how to move on. We are always a little sad, but oh, so very proud to see them grow up. We will stay here and hold steadfastly to our Montessori beliefs and practices. We are the launchpad for these beautiful young minds. Through the children's past, present, and future, CTM will remain vital and continue to grow.

As we reflect on what has come before, we recognize we have so much for which to be grateful and so much to celebrate. We look forward to celebrating this golden year with our CTM family! We will celebrate the past 50 years of teaching, learning, and giving our very best to our community. And, we will celebrate our journey into the next 50 years!

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