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Inspiring. Passionate. Exciting. Creative. These are just a few of the words that describe the learning environment and the children who learn at Charles Towne Montessori.

As one of South Carolina’s oldest and most distinguished Montessori schools, Charles Towne Montessori School provides a comprehensive program educating children from young toddlers through the elementary years.

Our certified teachers are passionately committed to the pedagogical principles and approach of Dr. Maria Montessori, who opened her first school, the Casa dei Bambini (House of Children), more than 100 years ago in Rome, Italy. It was in this first school that Montessori, a trained physician, began a course that would transform her life and the lives of thousands of children throughout the world.

Observing a Montessori classroom where children work independently and at their own pace in a child-centered environment is truly a rewarding and transforming experience. We encourage you to schedule a visit to see this magical process in action.

Our Mission.

“Charles Towne Montessori School fosters a passion for learning and the development of the whole child by challenging children’s intellects, promoting their independence and inspiring curiosity.”

Our Approach.

1. Montessori is an approach to the education of children. It is a view of how children develop and learn which has been translated into a systematic method of education based upon scientific study.

2. Montessori educates the “whole child”. Montessori believes that schooling should work with the nature of the child instead of against it. Children are taught individually, not as a group.

3. The materials in a Montessori classroom are carefully designed and thoroughly researched to fit the developmental needs and characteristics of children. The teacher acts as a guide as the child moves through the curriculum.

4. The Montessori program is systematically and carefully sequenced according to principles of development. Every activity is carefully thought out to build upon previous preparation and to lead intelligence on to a higher activity.

5. Montessori teachers are trained to teach respect and positive values through their modeling as well as through the way they teach.

CTM is part of the Greater Charleston Association of Private Schools, click here for more information.

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