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We encourage you to contact us today to learn more about Charles Towne Montessori. The best way to learn how we inspire children is to attend a tour. Click here to register!

Please review our FAQ - common questions are likely answered!



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56 Leinbach Drive

Charleston, SC 29407


Tel: (843) 571-1140

Fax: (843) 242-0071




  • How much is tuition?
    All of our tuition rates are explained on our website here:
  • How do I get on your waitlist?
    In order to get on our waitlist, you need to complete the first 2 steps toward enrollment. You can review the steps here:
  • Do you have a waitlist?
    Yes, we usually have a waitlist, particularly for our Toddler Program. While we receive many applications and our classes fill up quickly, we encourage interested families to apply regardless of the waitlist size. This is because: Availability Fluctuates: Family circumstances often change, which can open up spots unexpectedly. Selection Criteria: Admission isn't solely based on a 'first-come, first-served' basis. We consider several factors when reviewing waitlisted families, such as: Long-term commitment to staying with us through higher educational levels. A genuine embrace of the Montessori Method and active participation in the Parent/Teacher partnership. Willingness to engage in school activities through volunteer work. Classroom Balance: We strive for a balanced mix of ages and genders in each classroom. In April, after current families submit their re-enrollment agreements, we gain a clearer picture of the available spaces for the upcoming school year. We then review the waitlist to fill these spots.
  • Where am I on the waitlist?
    Understanding your position on our waitlist can be challenging, as our admission process involves more than just the order of application. Here's why: Classroom Balance: We prioritize creating a balanced and diverse environment in our classrooms, considering factors like age and gender. Montessori Philosophy: We look for families who are eager to embrace the Montessori approach both at home and school, fostering a consistent learning environment for the child. Community Involvement: Active participation in our school community, through volunteering and event attendance, is highly valued. Long-Term Commitment: Preference is given to families planning to stay with us through the higher levels of our program. Due to these considerations, it's not feasible to assign a specific number or rank to each family on the waitlist. Additionally, as family circumstances can change, new spots may open unexpectedly throughout the year. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we carefully review each application to ensure the best fit for our school community.
  • Do you offer childcare during the summer?
    We do. We typically offer 8 weeks of summer camp. They are 1-week sessions for which you can enroll individually or receive a discount by enrolling in all 8. Summer camps are available to currently enrolled Toddler & Primary students only. We announce summer camps by February of each calendar year. Summer Camp information is on our website here:
  • What are the first steps toward enrollment?
    Your first step is to register for a tour. You can register for a tour and review the steps toward enrollment here:

Career Opportunities

Interest in pursuing a career with us? We can't wait to meet you and discuss your goals to make the world a better place by working within the Montessori philosophy!

* Lead Guides must have Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) Diploma, American Montessori Society (AMS), or Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (MACTE) Diploma.

* We prefer assistant teachers to have at least one year of experience working with children.

Please send us an introduction letter and resume to

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