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Welcome CTM Families!

Here, you will find direct links to stay current with everything at CTM. Please do not hesitate to contact the office with any questions or concerns that you may have.

Transparent Classroom: Our school database management software.

Parents can login in order to:

  • View your children’s progress. See which lessons your child has been introduced to, working on, and then mastered.

  • View tagged photos of your children. Teachers will hashtag photos with the names of the materials children are working on in the photos and then you can click links to learn detailed explanations of the material.

  • Access the School Directory.

  • Access to all current and past Announcements

  • Receive form documents to fill out and return with e-signatures.

  • View "To Do" assignments, announcements, upcoming events, and useful documents (i.e. the Parent Handbook).

  • Update profile information

Please contact with any issues or questions.

Newsletter & Blog: Click here to view the monthly newsletters and blog posts by both the school and our PA. It would be advantageous for you to sign-up for membership at the top right of the Blog page in order to receive notifications of new posts.

School Calendar: Click here to view our on-line school calendar, always up-to-date.

Parent Handbook: Click here to view our Policy and Procedure Handbook.

Suggestion Box: Click here to leave a suggestion or feedback in our new, online suggestion box!

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