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Let's team up!

The Parent/Teacher Team is crucial to a child's success at school. It is our job to educate parents as well as their children about the Montessori method and our curriculum at Charles Towne Montessori. Parental participation and support at home is indeed an integral part of our curriculum, and we make sure to give our parents the necessary tools to be an integral part of the Parent/Teacher team.

It doesn’t take long to realize what children are learning at Charles Towne Montessori. They’re happy, curious, intense, excited, and passionate about what they are doing. Through the Montessori method, they’re experiencing their world and getting to understand how life works.

See some videos about Montessori education on our Parent Education page.

We encourage you to visit and learn more about the great education our students are receiving. You can also find on our website information about our values, the admissions process, and tuition, and you can view our Parent Handbook for expanded details about our operations.

Questions?  Please contact us today.

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