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Cute Baby Crawling


A special offering to introduce infants, toddlers, and parents/guardians to the  Montessori Method in a  4-class session at Charles Towne Montessori.

Welcome to a Journey of Growth and Discovery

Join us at Charles Towne Montessori for a unique program tailored for infants aged 4 to 30 months. "Maria and Me Time" offers an enriching environment that fosters early development and a strong bond between you and your child.

Session Highlights

  1. Montessori at Home: Learn how to create a nurturing environment at home with guidance from our expert, Ms. Irene.

  2. Preparing for Toddlerhood: Smoothly transition to our Toddler Program with insights and support.

  3. Toilet Learning: Benefit from Ms. Kate's specialized knowledge in early toilet training.

  4. Growing a Montessori Child: Discover the roles parents play in shaping a Montessori child's future.

Exclusive Benefits

  • Skip pre-enrollment interviews and assessments.

  • Early insight into our community and educational approach.

  • A pathway to potential priority enrollment.

Program Details

  • Schedule: Saturdays, 8-9 AM

  • Duration: 4-week packages

  • Cost: $300 per package

  • Class Size: Limited to 10 students for personalized attention

  • Parental Participation: Each child must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who resides with them, ensuring a supportive and familiar presence throughout the learning journey. To ensure a comfortable and engaging environment for everyone, we kindly ask that only one parent or guardian accompany each child during the "Maria and Me Time" sessions.

Join us for Transformative Experience

Register now to secure your spot in this limited and sought-after program. Connect with other families, and embark on a rewarding educational journey with your child.

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