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Special Person Day Guidelines

February 23, 9am -10am is Special Person Day!

On Special Person Days the students are allowed to invite someone to join them for an hour in the classroom. This is a really exciting day for everyone and we want the children and the adults to enjoy themselves, and learn a bit about how things happen here at CTM.


There are a few guidelines that we ask you to respect, so that your visit can be peacefully integrated into the school day:


1.  This day is the children’s chance to show you what they do all day. Let them show you. Please refrain from giving your own lessons, correcting their work, or instructing the child on how to use the materials.


2. Drop-off at carline as usual. Children are expected in the classrooms at their normal time, and adults are not invited in until 9am.


3. Choose one person per child to attend or agree to take turns. Our classrooms are not big enough for the whole family. There are two Special Person Days during the year.


4. Sit on the floor or a chair. Please do not sit on the shelves or tables. We know that the classroom chairs are not made for adult bodies, but we ask that you model the same behavior we expect from the children when they are in the classroom. If you believe you may need a larger chair for a specific Special Person, please advise us ahead of time and we can accommodate you.


5. No food and drinks in the classroom.


6. When it’s time to go, make it short and sweet. If you have arranged to take your child when you go, please feel free to do so. There may be tears when you leave, but soon it will all be back to normal.


7. Enjoy yourself! Try to experience this as your child does, and get a taste of the Montessori world. We are thrilled to welcome you to our classrooms!


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