Notes from the Board

Board of Trustees Meeting November 14th, 2018


A regular meeting of the Board of Trustees will be held on November 14, 2018 at 6:15pm

Meeting Facilitator: Morgan Futch, Board Chair

Board Members: Ben Fanning, Casey Hoffman, Win Gasperson, Andrea Gramling, Kara Klein,
Dawn Maynard, Bill Ward

I. Administrative
A. Meeting call to order
B. Board Members Roll Call
C. Public Comment

II. New Business     A. Financial Report
B. Report from Ad-Hoc Education Committee
a. New Elementary Teacher Hire for 2019-2020
b. Creating a lower and upper elementary division
C. Discussion of Middle School Program
a. Timeline
b. Placement of play structures during construction

III. Head of School Report

IV. Action Items
A. Approval of October Financials
B. Approval of New Elementary Hire

V. Adjournment, Next Board Meeting December 12, at 6:15 pm

CTMBOT Agenda 11_14_2018