Those Montessori Types

There is definitely a preconception about Montessori education and the families who choose it out there. Some people think it’s a cult or something religiously based. I think that Montessori gets mixed up with Monastery sometimes. I get it. Same capital M. Other people think of it as a freestyle “hippie esque” set up. Lots of Kumbaya and flower power. I get that too. Many people don’t really know what it is, but they are SURE they want it! Most of them know someone whose child is in, was in, wanted to be in Montessori and they’ve heard great things. I totally get that.

So, what is the Montessori type then? What sort of parent chooses this alternative style of education for their children? Who is it who decides that this unconventional method is what is best for their student? It takes a certain type of family to get the most out of Montessori education. Those families are usually the ones who lead a Montessori lifestyle, whether they know it or not.

Wait, what? Lifestyle? Yes, lifestyle. But I’m sure it’s not a cult. What it is, is a way of allowing children to be their own separate, individual selves. Montessori parents watch over their children very carefully, maybe from a little farther away than some modern parents. They allow their children to make mistakes, to try and fail, and eventually succeed independently. These parents trust the process that over a century of practice has proven to be effective. They believe in freedom and limitations.

It takes courage to be a Montessori type. Montessori parents are the ones who decide that it’s better not to control everything that goes on in their child’s world. These are the parents who establish boundaries and then stick to them, no matter how much their little one objects. They know it’s ok to be the “mean” mom or dad, to insure that the point is made. And trust me, I know this is not easy. But the end results are independent, confident, and generally nice kids. Who become generally nice adults. Maybe the world needs more Montessori types.

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