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Music at CTM

Our music program has really enriched our children's experience at CTM. Though, because of the pandemic, we are actually have a limited ability to SING with our friends as singing increases the chances of spreading the virus. So, Mr. Alex has adapted the program and has focused on learning about all the different music genres.

The Primary and Lower Elementary students have been learning about 13 different genres: Classical, Rock, Reggae, Jazz, Country, Blues, Bluegrass, Funk, Electronic, Disco, Pop, Latin, and Hip Hop. The children have become pretty efficient at naming the genres by playing a game where Mr. Alex plays songs over the speakers - all the genres have been printed onto laminated cards - the children, split into teams, identify the genre by choosing the correct card.

The Upper Elementary students have been diving into music production by learning how to use GarageBand on the iPads. Now that they have the basic skills to record, Mr. Alex and Mr. Cody have been helping them create songs within a genre. Last week, they all produced Rock songs and next week they will write a Hip Hop beat. We'll have to see who's got bars!

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