Entrepreneurship Leads to our Microeconomy!

Although we missed a week due to the hurricane, students have been working hard to complete the foundation for our microeconomy. Last week wrapped up our work with Entrepreneurship and kicks off the year-long work for our classroom business.


Students received their first morning block of Spanish Immersion! Our new Spanish teacher, Ms. Marie, brought fun activities related to running a business: leadership skills, product descriptions, and financial vocabulary! These materials, amongst many others, are accessible to students throughout the week. You may also notice students asking to access Duolingo or Quizlet from home, two online applications that can help increase their fluency. If your house allows some screen time for homework, this is a great option for daily practice!

Students’ requested being able to give a math seminar this week and it went splendidly. The topic was mean, median, mode and everyone needed a bit of a refresher! Math puzzles later in the week really stumped some of our students who worked for well over an hour to try and solve one!

Photography lessons continued with John Hathaway. He gave them a brief history of photography with his large-format camera. Students practiced black and white photography and were able to set up a few shots in the playground!

Week 4’s lunch was a challenging one to shop for! For the first time, students were tasked with staying completely under budget and on their own. They quickly learned the value of looking for sales, making wise in-season choices, and how to collaborate under a time-limit crunch.

Week 5 we got a treat with parents joining us for Parent Lunch, where students got to eat a meal brought for them and show off their portfolios!

Upcoming Schedule
Field Trips: We have the big field trip planned this week! We’ll leave Wednesday morning, first thing, to drive to North Carolina. You should have received your parent packet for this trip last Thursday–permission slips need to be returned asap. Students will come home with a packing list today.

Spanish: Spanish lessons will be every Tuesday morning from 8:30-11:30. Students will be immersed in the Spanish language, learning vocabulary and culture related to the theme in the classroom.

Parent Ed Night: Parent Ed Night is this Tuesday at 5:30. The topic will be Independence in the home and I’ll discuss homework, sleep, and home responsibilities. There will be plenty of time left for any questions and issues you might want to discuss!

Tips for Home
Teen Wellness

All throughout the year, students will learn a variety of strategies to put together their own toolkit for personal wellness. With each week’s Friday lunch, lessons on a balanced diet, types of foods, and macronutrients were presented. I’m happy to report that most of the students love vegetables and a salad has been suggested almost every week!

Students ask a lot of questions about personal wellness during our lunch discussions. Some topics that emerged in the last few weeks are screen time before bed, wake-up routines and exercise. I was very candid with students, admitting that I myself fall into bad habits with screen time while trying to fall asleep at night. But that ultimately I sleep much better when I read a book!

Digital eReaders and Sleep

I love my Kindle Paperwhite! I can read anywhere and when I finish one book, I can usually visit the Kindle store and simply buy another one and keep reading. But you have to be very careful about the type of eReader your student may be taking to bed with them.

Any eReader that is backlit should be avoided 2 hours before bed. (this also includes backlit computers, iPads and television screens–which means students should be doing homework earlier in the evening if it requires a computer).

Backlit is when you could sit in complete darkness and still read the words on the page because the screen itself provides the lighting. While many devices now have “nighttime” settings, which limit the exposure of blue light, the effect of any light directly into the eyes wakes up the brain.

If possible, have students read a real book before bed or a non-backlit eReader such as a PaperWhite. This type of reading requires an external light like a booklight or nightstand lamp.