1. Love Me, Love Me Not? Separation Anxiety

    Separation anxiety. It’s real, and it’s not just the kids who have it. We all know of children who cry and fuss and won’t let go when it’s time to say goodbye. Maybe it’s your child, or mine.  It’s hard to see them upset. It’s so much easier to give them that last hug, and… Continue Reading »
  2. What to do with a Crying Child

    I’ve been spending time with the toddlers lately and I’d like to share some musings on the path to independence. On Wednesday, when Ms. Kathryn was out and Ms. Liz was stuck in that horrendous traffic jam, Ms. Susan and I got toddler duty. So, although we had made great strides with this, we were… Continue Reading »
  3. Cultivating Tommorow’s Researchers

    Hey, have you heard the one about the Millennial who…. Fill in the blank. Funny but not funny. Millennials take a lot of heat these days for the shortcomings that seem to have affected a whole generation of people (with notable exceptions). They’re thought to be dependent on parents, unmotivated to follow through, self-involved, entitled,… Continue Reading »