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CTM is amazing

“We can see a big difference in social skills, ability to process verbal commands, and his willingness to help and take responsibility to put things where they belong compared to other children that go to traditional daycare/in-home care.

“We highly recommend observing children in the Montessori environment at CTMS. It’s amazing to see what your child is capable of, and how all ages and personalities can thrive in this environment.”

– Kelly, parent

Children’s eyes are proof of a great school

“Every time I go to Charles Towne Montessori, I see my daughter’s eyes gleaming from enjoying learning. You can see it in the eyes of every child who attends. Because of that alone, you know the teachers, staff and whole school is doing something very, very right for these exceptional children.”

– Andy Brack, parent, past board chair, Charleston

Building a lifelong love of learning

“Having pushed our oldest daughter through the traditional school system, it’s important to me that my younger children have a different experience. I want them to enjoy learning, look forward to a challenge and take satisfaction in completing projects without being told what to do to get the job done. They are building a foundation for all of these things, and a lifelong love of learning, at Charles Towne Montessori.”

– Hilary Wilgus, Charleston