Here are some archived videos that may help you better understand the Montessori method:

“Foundation for Montessori Education”
This is an overview of Montessori education and its advantages from a Canadian news report.

“What children really get out of Montessori”
Noted Montessori educator Tim Seldin outlines the benefits of Montessori education

“A few years in Montessori and all I got was …”
This hip 2-minute video highlights values that Montessori-educated children receive.

“Introduction to Montessori and the Montessori Foundation”
Produced following the National Education Report, this 8-minute video gives some history and theory about Montessori education.

“Montessori: Planting the seeds of learning”
This is a longer piece — more than 12 minutes long — but it will provide a lot of information for someone seeking to learn about the advantages of Montessori education.

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